This is what we enjoy - and strive to get even better every day

We measure

websites and the overall digital communication in detail. This type of web analysis delivers meaningful data.

We design

online projects from A to Z based on data, with a flair for online business. We deliver quality content as well.

We improve

business performance of websites and e-shops, we bring more and better customers and improve conversion of existing ones.

We send

emails smartly and efficiently throughout almost all of Europe. We segment, personalize, automatize.

We personalize

websites, remarketing and emails. Customer data and statistics can help to perform real miracles.

We harvest

online data and put it into context. We score databases of clients, we look for relations in visits and we visualise.

Everything we do, we do with passion and integrity.

Our satisfied clients


Products & partnership

Thanks to these products and companies, we can do our work really efficiently.

We are proud to be part of the Etnetera Group

The incredible potential of knowledge and skills of all the people in our companies makes us unique. We are able to bring to life almost any online project, shoot a creative clip and launch a well-performing multi channel online campaign.

Adobe partner

As highly qualified experts on Adobe Marketing Cloud (former Omniture), we are an Adobe Solution Partner in the field of digital marketing. We are the only Czech company with enough experience with implementation of Adobe Analytics, Target and other solutions.

Google Premium partner

Many of our team members are holders of the Google Analytics Individual Qualification certificate. Our qualifications and long-term experiences with implementation of Google Analytics makes our work efficient and we can customize Google Analytics according to your needs.


The power of Mailkit comes from three main components: superior deliverability (not only) for CZ and SK customers, extraordinary interconnectivity with 3rd party systems and very powerful templating engine. For example - we provide effective management of customers' campaigns in Mailkit using content pulled from Google Spreadsheets.


Silverpop is one of our main tools for email marketing personalisation and automation. This complex and robust solution is a great advantage for companies with a large amount of email communication, which needs to be personalised and automated.


MailChimp is a market leader in emailing services. Thanks to its tools we can set up an effective and selling email communication channel. MailChimp is one of our main tools used for targeted emailing.


Data personalisation can now be fully in your hands and can be perfectly customised for your needs. Soyka is an online personalisation tool. Thanks to its possibilities, you can reach a new level of customers satisfaction. Based on our experiences, Soyka significantly boosts sales, conversion rates, mailing success and much more.

BriteVerify and FreshAddress

For example to prevent spelling mistakes and undelivered e-mails we use validators BriteVerify or FreshAddress. No more lost customers because of misspellings. .

Mandrill a SendGrid

Better performance of sending transactional emails, for example via MailChimp, requires a proven platform such as Mandrill orSendGrid.

Meet your future partners
Jiří Štěpán
Jiří Štěpán
Lukáš Čech
Lukáš Čech
Digital Analytics Heavy Lifter
Pavel Pola
Pavel Pola
Enthusiast for smart e-mailing
Filip Hanzl
Filip Hanzl
UX Designer

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