Optimisation of online projects

When you simply want some advice on how to proceed and are looking for someone with insight and experience.

Why choose us to help you with your business?

Do you want to improve your online business, but aren't sure how? Do you feel that you are doing a lot, but there is still a lot missing? What should be your priority? What actually pays off and what doesn't?

On the market you will find a lot of companies that will gladly offer you a high quality advice in individual fields of online business, such as how to do SEO, how should a graphic design of an eshop look like or how to design the perfect campaign.

The problem is that this approach often creates an imbalance between activities. One is perfected while the other - often with greater potential – has not even started.

Moreover, in most cases people focus on the acquisition of new customers only; or they concentrate solely on a better campaign, better optimisation on a comparison shopping site, etc. While we are skilled at all these individual steps as well, we consider them the second or third most crucial point, rather than the first.

We see online business as a whole, rather than in parts. We will seek improvements in the following areas:

The existing customers form the basis of our thinking about success.

  • Who are they? Do we know who is our desired customer? And, are the existing customers the desired ones or random?
  • Are we able to serve them well?
  • Do we communicate well with them?

First, we always recommend activities to encourage the existing customers to spend more and be more satisfied.

The second part of our recommendation is dedicated to the quality of the website and other content channels such as Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.

  • How is the website currently meeting its objectives?
  • How usable is it and how high is the conversion rate?
  • How compatible is it with mobile phones and tablets?
  • At which point do we lose the users we would like to convert?
  • And more...

So, the second step is to increase website conversion rate and turn visitors into customers.

We know that our website converts visitors into customers and we also know that our customers like to come back. Super. So now let's go and win new ones!

To bring more people to the website, we are able to provide you with a complete range of campaigns, from brand-oriented through performance-oriented to, for example, setting up an affiliate network.

An internet project doesn't mean just SEO, conversion and emailing. Most importantly, it means business.

Very often you can achieve swift improvement by finding the right strategic partner, performing a major sales channel innovation, hiring an excellence person with contacts, increasing synergy with the brick-and-mortar business or by entering a new market.

Understanding your customers

For any optimisation we have to become completely aware of who our visitors and customers are and how they behave. The best way to achieve this is by user testing.

The participants of a user test are guided through a series of carefully planned tasks. An experienced presenter also asks the users additional questions and helps to find out other information to form the complete insight into the real usability of the tested pages.

The greatest benefit of user testing is usually detecting errors, which interfere with the expected manner of use of the website – for example, making it difficult to find essential information or complicating a purchase. A secondary and equally significant result is typically new knowledge about the general behavior of end users and their motivation to use the test page.

We place great emphasis on the selection of test participants. In this way, the client can really see the intended target group for his website.

  • actual user behavior on your site,
  • habits and expectations of users,
  • errors in the design of the website, which block their proper use and sales conversion.

Based on the responses of typical users, we will suggest, for example:

  • changes to UI and information architecture,
  • highlighting of important content, where appropriate,
  • simplifying the ordering process

in order to increase business success of your website. If necessary, we will use other methods of research to expand and refine the results.

  • your own experience from observing the tests
  • a video recording of the entire testing
  • a final report with analysis of the problems and their solutions.

An excellent experience of direct contact with the online visitor.

In addition to user tests, we of course receive data using many other methods:

A / B testing, multivariate testing

Web analytics, heatmaps, clickmaps

online customer satisfaction surveys

… and other methods of qualitative and quantitative research.

What does the improvement of an online business look like with our guidance?

Regular meetings and quality reporting

Our consultants meet regularly with the online team, discuss the results, plan further actions and submit analysis and suggestions for changes. We maintain proper tracking to achieve consistent reporting and decision support.

List of potential improvements

Together we create and maintain a list of potential improvements. These are based on data analysis, user testing, customer requirements or activities of the competition. We evaluate them carefully in terms of contribution and performance, and prioritise them accordingly.

Specification of changes

We create designs and specifications for change requests for websites, campaigns, content or emailing. The specification includes a clear description of the expected benefits. Some tasks we provide directly, some we pass on to the implementer.

Evaluation of the result

We are always interested in how the action turned out. Ideally, we evaluate the impact of specific changes by an AB test or by other conclusive method. We are honest and if any of the proposed changes does not prove itself, we acknowledge it and recommend its withdrawal.

changes does not prove itself, we acknowledge it and recommend its withdrawal. Who's behind it

Without exaggeration, the whole team within our company. Each client is taken care of by several people who combine their skills in the field of online marketing, web analytics and user experience.

With us, you will have the development of your online business under control and you will gain a dynamic partner, who will help you get further and knows how to hold responsibility for the results.