Imagine a digital communication, which feels really good and is tailored to the customers and is almost as good as the barman in your favorite bar

What is it good for

A few years ago we started with website and email personalisation. These were the three main reasons:

1) An opportunity for improvement

A good personalised page has much greater conversion rate. Segmented and personalised e-mail is much more efficient.

2) We have data and the knowledge how to use it

The trouble today is too much data. So why not to use it, when we can use it for growing business?

3) Great way to getting to know your customers

Watching the trends in population is nice, but knowing how single persons behaves and what are their interest, that rocks.

What thinking about personalised data actually means?

What services can we offer to you?

From basic drafts to final implementation, we provide complete solution of personalization of digital communication, including continuous evaluation and optimization.

We are among a few companies to have solid knowledge and experience in realising personalisation.

Using our experience in daily practice helps us make our own surveys in this field and led us to more than 10 successful implementations in large corporate projects.

We can handle all kinds of data, design a personalised interface, e-mailing and remarketing.

How to use it?

What should be personalised on the website and what what in the e-mail? Have you thought about personalised banners? Based on our long-term experience, we will propose adequate scenarios to you.

Which data to collect?

We will go through your website, internal CRM and e-mail database. Then we will suggest right ways to collect a data and how to connect the sources.

How to make it happen?

We know the many tools and we’ll suggest the ones that would be the best for your use.

Our team
Jiří Štěpán
Jiří Štěpán
Data freak
Filip Hanzl
Filip Hanzl
The only known designer of personalised UI