Proposal for online projects from A to Z

Do you want to start a new online project, but are you sure you have not forgotten something? We have started up a lot of them. We will guide you through the whole decision process, from design to launch and beyond.

Clear path to the goal

We have very accurately planned and tested what is good to keep an eye on. We are ready to guide you through the whole process.

We will help you to form a new vision for your online business and to verify its viability with the use of:

  • analysis of existing solutions
  • competition survey
  • user acquisition strategy
  • current trends in the industry
  • estimate of the market potential
  • proposals for major business principles

We will consolidate your requirements and create specifications and key elements of the project:

  • typology of key users
  • information architecture
  • wireframes and prototypes
  • graphical design
  • user accessibility
  • principles of online marketing
  • processes, procedures, habits and context of use
  • functional requirements

To help you get the project going, we will:

  • help to build the online team
  • prepare vendor selection
  • provide project oversight
  • keep an eye on things often forgotten by developers: usability, SEO, copywriting
  • provide the perfect multimedia content
  • supply the web analytics, online chat, emailing

Web development is a never ending process. We are ready to immediately start analyzing how users actually behave. Then we will optimising the website for the real use.

It may seem strange – to start optimising after launch, but we believe that this method is the most sensible one. It is better to launch a tuned basic project and gradually add new functions, than spending years on fine-tuning a monstrous project with a ton of features.

We enjoy creating beautiful websites, which are easy to use on all devices.

Nowadays, a good user interface is essential for a positive experience with your website. A customer behaves exactly the way you want him to, while not even realising how user-friendly the app is..

In our company, any proposal is typically tended to by several people with different roles: an information architect, a usability expert and a graphic designer. The resulting proposals respect the individuality of the brand as well as modern trends and user needs.

We don't create out of thin air

Our output and our designs are based on data and research. We will make a good use of your data and provide research, we enthusiastically keep up with studies and conferences.

Our communication is perfect

We use modern tools for communication with the customer. You will always have an overview of what is happening.

We don't propose nonsense

We know how to build successful websites. We respect technological and other constraints, and we understand the need for compromise.

Our team
Michal Kardaš
Michal Kardaš
An experienced senior. He designs websites and provides project oversight.
Marek Kulkovský
Marek Kulkovský
He devises the content strategy and help you with social media.
Filip Hanzl
Filip Hanzl
He is passionate about user experience and will breathe for your users.
Juraj Guráň
Juraj Guráň
An excellent graphic designer with an eye for detail and perfect understanding of the design principles of the online world.
Michaela Nováková
Michaela Nováková
She creates beautiful interactive designs and loves preparing the mobile versions.
Jiří Štěpán
Jiří Štěpán
He will help you with strategy and market analysis.
Jirka Logojda
Jirka Logojda
UX & Marketing consultant
Záviš Pexidr
Záviš Pexidr
UX consultant

A speciality of the house

We have a unique experience in creating a successful online presence for formerly exclusively brick-and-mortar businesses. We helped companies like Datart, Annonce, Knižní web and many others. If you face a similar situation, we are here for you. It is much more complex than simply starting a new online business - and we have already seen quite a few impasses and created many recipes for success.