Smart e-mailing

Everybody talks about it, but we actually do it

Why do we care about it?

Simply because e-mailing is the most efficient way of boosting sales.

Common attitude to e-mailing is to send many e-mails to all the people on a list. Surely it has some results, but sooner or later it is going to have its consequences in customer’s satisfaction. The results over time are usually insufficient.

The good news is that we know how to make it way better.

What we do, from A to Z


At the very beginning, we take a deep look into your customers and the way your e-mailing has been done so far, if so. What mails, why and to who are you sending them? What do you measure and which metrics are important? Do you use any specialised tool? How do the emails look? Overall we will learn everything possible. The result of this analyse is at least a 15 page document with many fascinating insights. Yes, there is that much data in a single newsletter.

Bounces, block, blacklists – delivery at first

The send button is only the last step. There are many technological obstacles the mail has before it is truly read by its recipient. Most of the sent mails in the world is spam and sometimes, when a regular mail looks like spam, it does not land in the inbox, but in junk. According to statistics, this happens to up to 20 % of regular e-mails. Our job is to know how to effectively and safely deliver the mail to the customers inbox.

CSS and a responsive design

The e-mail has too look great on various devices, even mobiles. It is not an easy task, when there are infinite e-mail clients and services and no standards. Knowing how to design and code the e-mail for every new version of Outlook and others is essential.

Desire for knowledge

As much as we love inspiring others, we do enjoy learning from others too. If it is organizing a Czech conference or attending some interesting one abroad, meeting new people and discussing is always an amazing experience.

Evaluation and reporting

If we measure something, we can improve it too. Bounces, opens, clicks, conversions, unsubscriptions… There are really many rates. Numbers are substantial for us, therefore we analyse results in time, evaluate A/B testing and prepare detailed explanations for our clients. Some of us even write their own statistical and evaluating scripts in a language named R. And of course we heavily cooperate with our data analysts.

Focus on automation

Following our mantra „What I can automate today saves my time tomorrow,“ we have learned some amazing things which can enhance all the communication channels. Connecting automation with personalisation makes e-mailing an incredibly powerful tool with positive results. That is why we set up all the automatic responders, apps, campaign triggers and many others.


The web is full of useful data and insights. We like Google very much, so we often look for some additional information which could become handy. Sometimes we question what was the question and what was the answer, but knowing how to ask for information the right way is an important part of our work.

Hour-tracking and billing

To reward our employees, we regularly invoice our work. Every task we do we track by hours spent working on it. At the end of the month, both us and the client has a detailed overview of the cost of a project. One of our most important values is freedom at work and responsibility for making the project profitable.

HTML Coding

Modern newsletters are actually more like a standalone web page. Unfortunately for all those who want to send a wonderful newsletter, the e-mail technology didn’t develop much in recent years, so it is quite rigid sometimes. But we know tons of hacks and solutions for every element. This way our e-mails look the same in GMail or Outlook.


Interconnecting different systems, such as web database, CRM systems, tracking and analytic tools, is a powerful way to get more out of all the collected data. The most important is to come up with the vision of utilisation such data and creating a useful data-flow.

Java and JavaScript

The tools we use can do a lot of things, but sometimes we need something very special. This is when our developers come in and create a utility which will substitute complex systems. This way we can solve e. g. voucher generators, automated exports/imports and many others.

We will gladly tell you more about L to Z on a personal meeting.

Our team
Pavel Pola
Pavel Pola
He loves (and makes) delicious coffee and moreover has a detailed knowledge of Silverpop, APSIS, Mailchimp and all the other (existing) e-mailing tools.
Zuzka Murgašová
Zuzka Murgašová
Your E-mail Coder/Wizard/Monkey/Queen
Roman Löwinger
Roman Löwinger
Email Illusionist