Data Mining and Data Analytics

A true treasure is hidden within your data. Getting it isn’t an easy task. And we want to help you get a grip and distinguish relevant and useful insights.

Data is the Cornerstone of our Work

You might have noticed that we consider data to be the cornerstone of our work. And we have made a great deal of learning how to use data to provide a useful results. What we want to do is to help you to focus on important data and use it.


We are not afraid of APIs of any kind. Even big data are part of our portfolio. We have many experience in merging data from e-mail databases, web analytics, advertising systems, CRM and whatever else you might use into a bloc of data that makes sense.

Connecting the Dots

We are not only looking at the rows and columns, but understanding statistics and machine learning gives us a powerful tool to discover hidden relations between various data.

Giving Data a Reason

We can precisely identify segments. Connecting your data, our know-how about online businesses, computed models and discovered segments gives a reason to all the work you put into collecting data. You can start using it now.

What Data we Process Every Day

Customer or Contact Databases

A golden mine we know how to mine to maximum. We will connect your website visitors with the readers (not just recipients) of your e-mails. We can give you for example this data:

  • customers who are turning away from your business or are not interested at all,
  • sort customers by spend or by the odds of response to your claim,
  • approximate their interest in different categories,
  • provide „the next best offer“
  • or just simply identify their sex and day of name-day.

    Visits, Pageviews and Products

    More data means a better chance to discover something interesting.

    • We identify segments based on sources and behaviour, for example sale diggers or loyal customers.
    • We create recommending algorithms.
    • We can guess the demographical status of the website visitor.
    • We analyse life-cycles of visitors and customers. Imagine knowing what is the usual period between a certain user’s interest in your product and actual purchase.