E-mailing Commandment #1 – NEVER BUY A LIST!

E-mailing Commandment #1 – NEVER BUY A LIST!

This is the first of 12 commandments, which you can collect during my holidays. All you have to do is find the right time when I have the out-of-office auto responder turned on. 🙂

To have e-mail marketing in superior shape, you have to handle customers’ opt-in process properly. To convert your random visitor to a loyal customer, you need:

  • to find proper places for opt-in form(s) or pop-ups on your website
  • always opt-in with customer’s permission (no default checked options during check-outs)
  • immediately verify for typos and misspelling and deliverable inbox
  • minimize the barrier – don’t request complicated forms, long „approvals“ – use double opt-in process instead
  • never ever buy a list from anywhere else! – you cannot buy a loyal customer for a couple of bucks, but you can easily lose your reputation
  • after he confirms his/her registration, don’t forget to send him a welcome series of e-mails to confirm you appreciate him/her.

If you follow these recommendations, your list of customers will definitely grow. Next time we will look into how to retain them for a longer time.


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