Our work philosophy

Why do we enjoy our job and why could we be a great newyour new great partner for you.

We believe in success built on solid foundations.

We want our clients to learn to make data-based decisions, and thus be more successful in digital communication than their competitors. With this goal in mind, we are able to deliver all levels of services, products and staff coaching, as well as outsource our people to your team.

Our work resembles a pyramid, where data form the base and the results are the top.

We work with insight and with a broad scope

On the market you will find a lot of great companies that will gladly offer you a high quality advice in individual fields of online business, such as how to do SEO, what a graphic design of an e-shop should look like or how to design a perfect campaign. The problem is that this approach often creates an imbalance between activities. One is perfected while the other – often with greater potential – has not even started.

Our approach is different. We offer comprehensive advice to help ensure that you do not miss anything significant, and that you will always know whether your actions paid off or not. We will work with you to build your business just like the previously mentioned pyramid: from a solid base to high-end gadgets, reaching the goals.

We make things happen

Many agencies end up with a great design that will never get implemented. Either it encounters problems during the implementation, or it does not prove itself after.

We are able to bring all our recommendations and proposals to a successful outcome. How?


We have great people

All our core competencies are in-house. This means e-mailing, UX, testing and research, web analytics, PPC, SEO and others.

We are goal-oriented

We know how to communicate with clients, how to understand and help them realise their ideas through even in corporations. We are able to control projects and push them forward when needed.

We have solid partners

We work closely with companies within the Etnetera group. This enables us to provide premium services of app development, media planning, campaign implementation, video production and more.

We have the know how

With both marketing and technical experience, we are well able to get the most out of our tools. We are not afraid of programming, API or large-scaled data. Anything can be done with the right knowledge. We always find a way to achieve desired goal.