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Mmm, they smell great! We've baked cookies on our website, and we'd love for you tohave some with us. We use them not only to keep our website working properly, butalso to anonymously analyse data on where you munch on our site. So, would you like some?

Want to know the ingredients? Check out our recipe.
You want to know the ingredients? Check out our recipe.

Partnership in a digital (r)evolution

We have been helping the country’s largest bank and the entire KBC group since 2010, with technological innovations and, in recent years, also with the development of new-generation services that often go beyond banking as we know it. We provide agile management not only for the development of the DoKapsy app, but we also take part in the international development of the virtual assistant Kate, and as part of Etnetera Group, we provide a range of other services, from UX and design to websites, to digital analytics.

A ten-year partnership across the Etnetera Group

from the bank, insurance company, and savings bank, to KBC.

Kate, the virtual assistant

and other innovations going beyond banking.

Mobile application, websites, analytics, UX…

and a whole mosaic of other services.

The mobile app we are developing is a laboratory of innovative ideas for ČSOB clients and the general public.  Since 2019, Etnetera has successfully implemented in the application access to part of smart banking, payment cards, discount coupons, as well as payments for public transit tickets, parking, and fuel at petrol stations.  Thanks to these innovative functions, the application has over 90K users and ranks highly in application stores.

For ČSOB’s parent, the KBC Group, we have been cooperating as part of an international team in the development of the virtual assistant Kate, who helps clients via voice commands or chat, to handle a wide range of everyday requests, not only in terms of payments but also insurance.

In cooperation with our sister company, Etnetera Activate, we have also implemented Adobe Analytics for ČSOB.  Thanks to analytics and processing of big data obtained from the web and mobile applications, ČSOB and its subsidiaries can obtain a unique insight into the behaviour of users and quicky respond to their needs.