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You want to know the ingredients? Check out our recipe.

A mobile e-shop & a loyalty programme

We have been helping the German drugstore chain ROSSMANN since 2018, with comprehensive digitisation and entering the e-commerce business. The most visible project is our native mobile e-shop combined with a loyalty platform – the ROSSMANN CLUB, with which users always have their favourite drugstore within reach, complete with all membership advantages and tens of thousands of products.

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using our apps on a daily basis.

An extensive e-commerce


4.5 stars in the App Store

based on thousands of reviews.

The first on the market in 2019 was the ROSSMANN CLUB mobile application that features comprehensive digitisation of loyalty services, from the customer card to discount coupons.  But that was by far not the end of our cooperation with the ROSSMANN chain: in 2021, an e-commerce part was added to the application.  After a year of work, our team, working in cooperation with the client, built a robust mobile e-shop from the ground up, including an application for scanners that makes it possible for staff to put together and deliver orders directly at shops.

Our project partners were other companies from the Etnetera Group, resulting in the creation of a web application. The extensive project backend is based on a solution built on the Etnetera E-commerce Framework (EEF).

Spring Boot