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You want to know the ingredients? Check out our recipe.

Television in a telephone and tablet

We have been helping the mobile operator O2 meet the expectations of hundreds of thousands of active users since 2018, when we took over the development of the O2 TV mobile application. Work on a comprehensive redesign took half a year, resulting in a technically more advanced application that brings users a new level of comfort in their user experience. The success of the project resulted from the work of a team of experienced developers, flexible resolution of new requests, and extensive open beta testing.

Comprehensive redesign

of an app for Android & iOS.

Intuitive & comfortable

user environment.

Open beta


The mobile application for digital television is the latest addition to the extensive product portfolio that Etnetera Group has delivered to our client, O2, since 1999.  Since the very beginning, we, at Etnetera Flow, have focused on high quality, speed, and a user-friendly design with intuitive controls.

Thanks to open beta testing with O2 TV customers, we were able to deliver to the market truly reliable application functions, with the integration of Chromecast and AirPlay, supporting both mobile devices and tablets.  This means that users can enjoy uninterrupted viewing of their favourite shows, live broadcasts (including rewinds), and films from the on-line library.